"from the heart of my garden to the garden of your heart"

“From the heart of my garden to the garden of your heart”

First and foremost, I am an avid gardener! I started out knowing nothing about gardening and now, as a friend describes, I have become “a mid life flower child”! I have combined my love of flowers, gardening and yoga into a meditative art form of garden photography!

Most, if not all of the flowers in this exhibit have been planted in seed or root or bulb form and tended to by myself. My garden has seen me through many seasons of my life and has fed my soul on a very deep level. I am happiest when I am working in my garden!

While I have always loved photography and photographed anything in sight, it is my passion for both yoga and my garden that evolved into a photo hobby and now into an art form. My years of study of meditation have led me on a path of quiet reflection of both the bounty within my self and the generosity of the natural world.

I knew as I photographed many of these images that I felt one and the same with each of them. There was no separation between the flower, the camera, and myself. There was a sense of time stopping and merging followed by a period of profound stillness and silence. These images are a direct result of my experiences.

As you peruse this photographic statement from my life, may they give you as much pleasure as they have given to me. From the heart of my garden, I offer you these flowers, “ to the garden of your heart”! I have named most of these photos with a virtue or quality that resonates within my being and that of the flower. I have been inspired in the naming of my works by a teacher of mine who has helped reintroduce me to the greatness that lies within each of us. May you feel this presence within!